Our Specialites

Blend of technical excellence infused with affection

  • Kiosk environment mixing sales and service
  • Skilled technician with over ten years experience in watch repairs.
  • Experienced in production, servicing and repairs of prestigious and luxury brands.
  • Knowledgeable in mechanical movements and calibers specific to each individual brand ,all in compliance to Swiss precision and testing.
  • Technical knowledge of the way mechanical, electronic and chronograph timepieces work
  • A thorough understanding of how to use and care for equipment used to do repairs
  • A wide knowledge of the different styles, designs and manufacturers of clocks and watches
  • Make special parts for antique watches and clock
  • Finest watch care with utmost dedication

The exclusive service center for all premium watch brands

Time and Me is dedicated to serving the expectations of luxury watch owners.  With our State of the art technology handled by service experts, we assure that your timepieces last as long as time itself. We offer a wide range of premium watch repair and maintenance services, catering to the entire life-cycle of your treasured timepiece.

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