Raymond Weil - Servicing Overview

Time and Me is an exclusive & authorized center for services & spare parts for Raymond Weil. We help you ensure continuing pleasure and performance of your RAYMOND WEIL timepiece.

To ensure that your exquisite watches continue to meet their precise standards even after many years of use, we recommend regular maintenance. At Time and Me, we make sure that your timepiece receives the care it deserves. We offer you exclusive, personalized service for your Exquisite Ornament with precision and expertise and with the same passion as those who created them.

To ensure continuing pleasure and performance of your RAYMOND WEIL timepiece:

  1. To ensure reliable performance your watch should be serviced at least every three years.
  2. Batteries should last for up to three years. If your watch needs a new battery please attend to this immediately as dead cells can harm the movement.
  3. A water resistant model should have its seals checked at least every 2 years, and annually if the watch is worn whilst bathing to ensure its water resistance.
  4. Your watch must be returned to an official RAYMOND WEIL agent for servicing and any other necessary repairs.

The exclusive service center for all premium watch brands

Time and Me is dedicated to serving the expectations of luxury watch owners.  With our State of the art technology handled by service experts, we assure that your timepieces last as long as time itself. We offer a wide range of premium watch repair and maintenance services, catering to the entire life-cycle of your treasured timepiece.

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