Machine & Tools we use

Machine & Tools we use

  • Greiner vibrograph cleaning machine
  • Greiner vibrograph time setting
  • Witchi q test
  • Burgeon magmatic
  • Burgeon device for opening and closing waterproof watch cases
  • Polishing machine
  • Polishing shaft
  • Burgeon hand setting tools
  • Burgeon tweezers
  • Burgeon pin vices
  • Burgeon screwdrivers
  • Burgeon movements holders
  • Burgeon hand removing instrument
  • Rolex opener and its specialized tools.

The exclusive service center for all premium watch brands

Time and Me is dedicated to serving the expectations of luxury watch owners.  With our State of the art technology handled by service experts, we assure that your timepieces last as long as time itself. We offer a wide range of premium watch repair and maintenance services, catering to the entire life-cycle of your treasured timepiece.

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