Watches are our passion and nothing makes us happier than giving you years of enduring pleasure. Luxury watches are meant to be a loyal companion in ones everyday life. To ensure that your exquisite watches continue to meet their precise standards even after many years of use, we recommend regular maintenance.

We ensure that your timepiece receives the utmost care it deserves.


Water Resistance Check

We test your watch to ensure continued water resistance. We lubricate gaskets and seals and replace them wherever necessary.


Magnetization check

We test your watch for magnetization, caused by electronics that may affect the timing of a watch.


Bracelet Check

We inspect bracelets and tighten or replace screws, if necessary.  Any items not in-store can be special-ordered through our service team.


Battery Check

During the battery replacement process we also check for any leaks that can be repaired at the same time.


The final touch

A soft cloth wipe-down of the entire watch is given before it is ready to be shipped to give it a more shiny and elegant finish.


The exclusive service center for all premium watch brands

Time and Me is dedicated to serving the expectations of luxury watch owners.  With our State of the art technology handled by service experts, we assure that your timepieces last as long as time itself. We offer a wide range of premium watch repair and maintenance services, catering to the entire life-cycle of your treasured timepiece.

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