Battery Replacement

Battery replacement is offered at free of charge during  our service warranty period. During the battery replacement process we also check for any leaks that can be repaired at the same time.


Sizing and Adjustments

We will adjust the size of a watch, regardless of where it was purchased. This is complimentary for any watch bought at Time & Me. If it doesn’t fit well, it does not match up to your personality well enough. In order to ensure that your watch is a perfect fit, our professional staff provides sizing and other adjustment related services.

Ultrasonic cleaning

The ultrasonic cleaning procedure is designed to thoroughly clean the bracelet and case, ensuring that every timepiece dispatched is in its original condition. The ultrasonic bath, conducted in a vessel that contains an electrolyte solution, converts electrical energy into high frequency sound waves which provides an exhaustive cleansing effect.


Straps and bracelets

Time & Me offers a replacement of straps and bracelets of the same model. Any items not in-store can be special-ordered through our service team. We believe in offering endless possibilities by providing a diverse selection of replacement straps and bracelets for your invaluable timepiece. Finding the right replacement is therefore never a problem.

Water resistance Maintenance

An extremely crucial watch care point is to protect your timepiece from water damage. Under this maintenance we lubricate gaskets and seals and replace them wherever necessary to ensure the continued water resistance of a watch.


The exclusive service center for all premium watch brands

ime and Me is dedicated to serving the expectations of luxury watch owners.  With our State of the art technology handled by service experts, we assure that your timepieces last as long as time itself. We offer a wide range of premium watch repair and maintenance services, catering to the entire life-cycle of your treasured timepiece.

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